Al-jazeera - Cambodia's Orphan Business

Al-jazeera goes undercover to reveal how "voluntourism" could be fueling the exploitation of Cambodian children.  

Forbes - Cambodia's Booming New Industry: Orphanage Tourism

Forbes discusses the problem of Cambodian orphanages that scam tourists for money while providing no services for the children under their protection.  




SISHA - On the Ground, In the Trenches

SISHA fights to ensure justice and the protection of human rights for victims of human trafficking, bonded labour, physical and sexual assault and other forms of exploitation and abuse in South-East Asia. 



5 Years of Fighting Exploitation & Abuse in South-East Asia

5 years ago, an organisation was founded with a burning passion to fight the exploitation and abuse of men, women, and children in South-East Asia. The battle lines continue to be redrawn as we make significant progress toward investigating, arresting, and prosecuting those perpetrating these acts against humanity. 




Bonded Labour in the Kingdom: Cambodia and the Rule of Law by Maria Orchard and Courtney Saville

Bonded labour victimizes the most vulnerable portions of society while violating their internationally-recognized fundamental human rights, including the right to be free from slavery, to just and favourable working conditions, to non-discrimination, and to liberty and security of the person.