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Interview With The Top Graduating Officers

CIT Kampong Cham - Interview with Female offices

Firstly, congratulations on graduating at the top of your class, you should be very proud, it's a big achievement.
Can we start with your name, age, how long you have been in the Cambodian National Police & your Criminal Investigation Training (CIT) Score?

Vongvutheany – 27yrs, 5 years in Police, CIT Score: 96%

Chheng Houch - 27yrs, 8months in Police, CIT Score: 95%

Pisey – 22yrs, 2 months in Police, CIT Score: 94%

Why did you decide to join the Police?

- To serve the people, bring peace and security to Cambodia

- I love being in the Police, my farther is Police so it's in my family, I want to protect our people.

- Encourage other women to be stronger

Why do you think it's important to offer the CIT?

- It's very important as our skills and knowledge improved

- To develop new skills and knowledge like evidence collection

- Good to share skills by discussing and working together to solve problems

- Feel much better about being fist on the scene, I now know what to do, I know to protect the crime scene.

What was your favourite part of the course?

- Crime scene management & presentation of evidence from crime scene

- Crime scene evidence collection as well as victim and suspect interviews

- I liked all of it, but mainly those two as well

What is the importance of encouraging women in the Police force?

- I am the only women in the station, most victims are female, they may feel embarrassed to talk to the male officers about what happened to them, they are more comfortable talking to me

- When we have to search suspects, and they are female, this should be done by another female, it is more respectful

- Children are often victims of crimes, but they can be too scared to talk with Police, they will often open up to us

How did you top the CIT course for Kampong Cham?

- We listened, we took notes, we tried to learn more every day and we asked lots of questions

- I remembered by taking notes and studying them with course material everyday

the trainer made it easy to understand by using examples

Further comments:

- I want to recommend to other Police to develop their skills and knowledge and be the best Police. Thank you SISHA for the training

- More female Police should do the training, to better gender equality

- Men & women can work well together, they are better at arresting as they are bigger, but we are better at talking to victims and noticing different things at a crime scene

- There are things we can do better than the male police…

…Like this course?

(The three Officers laugh) No comment.

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